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Betfirst starts in 2012 as a bookmaker that is hard to compete with. That will change when a new website is launched in 2014 and Betfirst finally finds its niche in the gambling world. In recent years, this online betting agency has proven that it is reliable and that it is all right with a love of sports. It is not without reason that Betfirst is a sponsor of the Superprestigecyclocross, football club KRC Genk and the Keizer Karel Cup. Betfirst is now one of the most popular bookmakers in Belgium. That promises something, but can this bookmaker also meet your high expectations? A visit to https://www.imperial303.netmakes things easier when you go for this one.

Betfirst pays a lot of attention to football

Betfirst focuses on all kinds of sports. However, football betting enthusiasts certainly have an advantage. The bookmaker offers plenty of extra options for football. What about the jackpot game Prono Foot? Betfirst makes a selection of six to fifteen different football matches for this, and it is then up to you to choose the winner of each of those duels. If that succeeds, a nice jackpot is waiting for you. Multiway + is also an interesting addition to the website.

This feature allows you to place multiple bets in one match. For example, bet on the first goalscorer and on the number of corners. This is a convenient way to increase odds while still focusing on that one match. There is good news for basketball fans. This is the only other sport where the Multiway + function is present. Basketball fans unfortunately do not benefit from the Goal Rush. Too bad, because this makes a live match extra exciting. In football matches where the Gold Rush is available, you indicate immediately whether a goal will fall in the next 30 seconds, minute, 5 minutes or 10 minutes. This quick bet is ideal if the clubs are putting pressure on you and you just feel the next goal is coming.

It is clear:

Betfirst has a lot to offer football bettors. All these extra options are not at the expense of the betting offer. You can simply bet on the Champions League, the European Championship, the German Bundesliga, the Italian Serie A and of course our own Jupiler Pro League and Proximus League. 

Betfirst has an excellent betting offer for the non-football fan

Football is good at Betfirst. But the sports world has more to offer than just football. Chances are you want to bet on tennis, cycling, handball or motorsport. You have to memorize all the extra options that are available with football. Fortunately, Betfirst compensates for this with an excellent offer. There are almost 25 sports to choose from. The somewhat smaller sports also have a place at Betfirst. So swap basketball or ice hockey for snooker, floor ball, cricket, table tennis or Thai boxing. Even betting on esports is simply possible with Betfirst.